Thursday, August 27th

Weekend What’s What: 8/27-8/30

The end of summer is nigh with the return of the Minnesota State Fair, the Renaissance Festival, and tons of other great events all over the Twin Cities.

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Thursday, August 20th

Weekend What’s What: 8/20-8/23

Despite one of our primary music venues closing its doors for rehabilitation this weekend, there are plenty of fantastic events taking place elsewhere throughout Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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Thursday, August 13th

Weekend What’s What: 8/13-8/16
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Along with the influx of warm August weather, this weekend also brings with it an array of performances, exhibits, dance parties and more.

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Thursday, August 6th

Weekend What’s What: 8/6-8/9

Art fairs, block parties, theatre performances and dance nights fill up this weekend’s list of events, among much, much more.

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Thursday, July 30th

Weekend What’s What: 7/30-8/2

While all the theatre fans in town are tied up with the opening of the Minnesota Fringe Festival, the weekend is still filled with tons of great events.

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Thursday, July 23rd

Weekend What’s What: 7/23-7/26
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This weekend is filled with great movies, great art, great music, and a whole lot more.

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Thursday, July 16th

Weekend What’s What: 7/16-7/19

This weekend will take you all around the Twin Cities to as far as Wisconsin with events of all kinds scattered throughout the area.

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Thursday, July 9th

Weekend What’s What: 7/9-7/12

This weekend offers a vast selection of theatre, outdoor events and live music, featuring local talent at Red Bull Sound Select, Basilica Block Party and Bastille Day.

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Thursday, July 2nd

Weekend What’s What: 7/2-7/5

Flag-waving patriot or not, there is plenty to do in and around the Twin Cities this weekend involving hot dogs, flea markets, fireworks, punk rock, and more.

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Thursday, June 25th

Weekend What’s What: 6/25-6/28 – PRIDE 2015 EDITION

The Twin Cities’ annual LGBTQIA celebration of fabulousity dominates every corner of this weekend. Let us help you figure it all out.

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Thursday, June 18th

Weekend What’s What: 6/18-6/21

The summer heats up with the return of Rock The Garden, the Stone Arch Bridge Festival, art crawls, and various queer-centric events in anticipation for Pride next weekend.

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Thursday, June 11th

Weekend What’s What: 6/11-6/14

Among this weekend’s booked schedule of events includes the Twin Cities Donut Crawl, Northern Spark and The Fucking Best Show Ever.

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Thursday, June 4th

Weekend What’s What: 6/4-6/7

This weekend’s events are spread out all over Minneapolis/St. Paul and will have you exploring everything from bikes to storytelling to visual arts and more.

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Thursday, May 28th

Weekend What’s What: 5/28-5/31

With summer on the horizon, it might be easy to overlook all of the fantastic events going on, but this weekend offers some sweet gigs that you won’t want to miss.

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Thursday, May 21st

Weekend What’s What: 5/21-5/24

Memorial Day Weekend features plenty to do outside and kicks off outdoor music season in full force with events like Soundset, the Memory Lanes Block Party, and more

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Thursday, May 14th

What’s What: Guide to Art-A-Whirl 2015

Here now is l’étoile’s annual guide to the hottest events and exhibits at the 2015 Art-A-Whirl

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Thursday, May 14th

Weekend What’s What: 5/14-5/17

Just because Art-A-Whirl is dominating the weekend doesn’t mean that there aren’t a ton of other great events going on. Here’s our list…

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Thursday, May 7th

Weekend What’s What: 5/7-5/10

As spring hits its stride there are more events popping up that will tempt you to venture out of the house and explore parts of the Twin Cities both old and new.

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Thursday, April 30th

Weekend What’s What: 4/30-5/3

This weekend provides plenty of opportunities for you to get outside and enjoy the weather, with bike tours, parades and much, much more.

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Thursday, April 23rd

Weekend What’s What: 4/23-4/26
04-30www (1)

This weekend offers the opportunity for you to explore all kinds of concerts, visual art openings and theater productions both east and west of the river.

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Thursday, April 16th

Weekend What’s What: 4/16-4/19

Aside from all of the Record Store Day hoopla this weekend, there are plenty of other events for you to get out and enjoy Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Thursday, April 9th

Weekend What’s What: 4/9-4/12

A few highlights throughout the Twin Cities this weekend include large-scale events like the AWP Conference, the MN Music Summit and the International Film Festival.

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Thursday, April 2nd

Weekend What’s What: 4/2-4/5

As winter is finally on the wane, we celebrate with art openings, great music, and a milestone anniversary at First Avenue!

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Thursday, March 26th

Weekend What’s What: 3/26-3/29
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This weekend features a powerful symposium on the Culture Wars of the ’90s, conventions for anime and video game cultures, and Stevie Wonder’s return to Minneapolis.

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Thursday, March 19th

Weekend What’s What: 3/19-3/22

Whether you’re still hurting from St. Paddy’s and looking to take it easy or looking to keep the party rolling, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your springtime fancy this weekend.

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Thursday, March 12th

Weekend What’s What: 3/12-3/15

This weekend features all sorts of anniversaries, openings, viewings and sales for your springtime leisure.

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Thursday, March 5th

Weekend What’s What: 3/5-3/8

From fantastic dance shows to world premieres to’s annual “Are You Local?” showcase, the Twin Cities comes alive this first weekend in March.

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Thursday, February 26th

Weekend What’s What: 2/26-3/1

Even though the unpredictable Minnesota winter has a tendency to overstay its welcome, this weekend’s events offer a lineup that will make you feel as though spring has indeed sprung!

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Thursday, February 19th

Weekend What’s What: 2/19-2/22
02-12www (1)

Forget fiscal equalization — the Minneapolis Miracle resides within our arts and music scene as much as anything else, with this weekend as proof.

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Thursday, February 12th

Weekend What’s What: 2/12-2/15

Whatever your relationship status during this Valentine’s Day weekend, one thing is for sure: the Twin Cities will always spoil you with some of the best events of the year.

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