Thursday, March 26th

Weekend What’s What: 3/26-3/29
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This weekend features a powerful symposium on the Culture Wars of the ’90s, conventions for anime and video game cultures, and Stevie Wonder’s return to Minneapolis.

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Thursday, March 19th

Weekend What’s What: 3/19-3/22

Whether you’re still hurting from St. Paddy’s and looking to take it easy or looking to keep the party rolling, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your springtime fancy this weekend.

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Thursday, March 12th

Weekend What’s What: 3/12-3/15

This weekend features all sorts of anniversaries, openings, viewings and sales for your springtime leisure.

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Thursday, March 5th

Weekend What’s What: 3/5-3/8

From fantastic dance shows to world premieres to’s annual “Are You Local?” showcase, the Twin Cities comes alive this first weekend in March.

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Thursday, February 26th

Weekend What’s What: 2/26-3/1

Even though the unpredictable Minnesota winter has a tendency to overstay its welcome, this weekend’s events offer a lineup that will make you feel as though spring has indeed sprung!

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Thursday, February 19th

Weekend What’s What: 2/19-2/22
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Forget fiscal equalization — the Minneapolis Miracle resides within our arts and music scene as much as anything else, with this weekend as proof.

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Thursday, February 12th

Weekend What’s What: 2/12-2/15

Whatever your relationship status during this Valentine’s Day weekend, one thing is for sure: the Twin Cities will always spoil you with some of the best events of the year.

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Thursday, February 5th

Weekend What’s What: 2/5-2/8

This weekend features a wide variety of performing arts from comedians, dance companies and theatre productions alike, as well as the ongoing flow of visual arts and musical performances throughout the area.

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Thursday, January 29th

Weekend What’s What: 1/29-2/1

With an unseasonably warm end to January, the Twin Cities offers plenty of great events to take advantage of the great weather!

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Thursday, January 22nd

Weekend What’s What: 1/22-1/25

This weekend is full of an eclectic array of events that will take you to art galleries, theaters, concerts, and even the great outdoors!

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Thursday, January 15th

Weekend What’s What: 1/15-1/18
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Based on this weekend’s brimming schedule of events, 2015 is shaping up to be a phenomenal year across the Twin Cities.

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Thursday, January 8th

Weekend What’s What: 1/8-1/11

Even when temperatures dip below zero, events throughout the area continue with fervor. Read on for all of the exciting events this weekend that can help keep you warm.

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Thursday, January 1st

Weekend What’s What: 1/1-1/4

Start 2015 off right with a brace of great events throughout the Twin Cities!

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Tuesday, December 30th

What’s What: New Year’s Eve 2014

Whether you’re looking to laugh, dance or get wild to cap 2014 this Wednesday, the Twin Cities scene has your New Year’s Eve celebratory needs covered.

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Tuesday, December 23rd

Weekend What’s What: 12/23-12/28

A lot of venues throughout the Twin Cities have their own longstanding holiday traditions, so if you need some time away from the in-laws this week, be sure to check out our list of What’s What over the holidays.

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Thursday, December 18th

Weekend What’s What: 12/18-12/21

Events this weekend include a few sublime visual art showings, numerous theater finales, and plenty of holiday inspired events to close out the waning weeks of 2014.

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Thursday, December 11th

Weekend What’s What: 12/11-12/14

The end of Doomtree’s last blowout leads the charge on this unseasonably warm, jam-packed weekend.

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Thursday, December 4th

Weekend What’s What: 12/4-12/7

Kick off the last month of the year with a variety of events this weekend, including I AM MPLS, Doomtree’s last blowout ever, and a few unique holiday shopping options.

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Wednesday, November 26th

Weekend What’s What: 11/26-11/30

There are plenty of unique events to be thankful for in this special holiday weekend edition, including many holiday theater productions, a variety of tribute band showcases, dance nights a’plenty, and the annual mess that comes with Black Friday.

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Thursday, November 20th

Weekend What’s What: 11/20-11/23

It might be beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but there are plenty of events in the Twin Cities this weekend if you’re not ready for the holiday spirit.

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Thursday, November 13th

Weekend What’s What: 11/13-11/16

The Soap Factory’s 25th anniversary, the Charlie Awards, the 15th annual Sound Unseen Festival, and the 40th annual return of Scrooge to the Guthrie are among what’s what for this snowy weekend.

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Thursday, November 6th

Weekend What’s What: 11/6-11/9

Amidst the whirlwind of visual arts events happening this weekend, the Twin Cities also hosts the Moth, the area’s first donut crawl, Bob Dylan’s return to the Orpheum, and much more.

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Thursday, October 30th

Weekend What’s What: 10/30-11/2

Halloween will bleed into nearly every bar, venue and gallery this weekend, so brace yourselves for a weekend of frightening festivities for characters of all types!

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Thursday, October 23rd

Weekend What’s What: 10/23-10/26

With Halloween approaching, there are many spooky spectacles to choose from throughout the area, as well as plenty of events on the other end of the spectrum to balance out your fall weekend.

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Thursday, October 16th

Weekend What’s What: 10/16-10/19

From the Walker’s 75th anniversary, to the season debut of the MN Roller Girls, to the 5th annual Twin Cities Film Fest, the weekend is packed with a myriad arts, entertainment, and music events.

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Thursday, October 9th

Weekend What’s What: 10/9-10/12

This weekend marks the return of the Zombie Pub Crawl, the Twin Cities Book Festival, and the annual Tweed Ride, among many arts, theater, and music events going on throughout the area.

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Thursday, October 2nd

Weekend What’s What: 10/2-10/5

This weekend, FallCon, House of Gore, and Cirque du SoGay all return, along with some very exciting art exhibit openings across Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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Thursday, September 25th

Weekend What’s What: 9/25-9/28

To officially kick off the fall season, this weekend brings the Minnesota Orchestra’s season opening, Radio K’s 21st birthday, and a number of art exhibits, theater performances and much, much more.

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Thursday, September 18th

Weekend What’s What: 9/18-9/21

The MN4MN fashion weekend kicks of a loaded list full of great shows, great art, great events, and more!

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Thursday, September 11th

Weekend What’s What: 9/11-9/14

Tons of theatre, tons of fashion, and tons of art dominate the weekend. On, and there’s this band called The Replacements…

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