Thursday, September 7th

Weekend What’s What: 9/7-9/10

Woofstock, Harvest Fest and Prof Outdoors are just a few of the events that round out this weekend.

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Thursday, August 31st

Weekend What’s What: 8/31-9/4

The summer season ends with a bang in the Twin Cities.

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Thursday, August 17th

Weekend What’s What: 8/17-8/20

Outdoor music, food trucks and the Renaissance Festival round out this weekend’s lineup of events across the Twin Cities.

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Thursday, August 10th

Weekend What’s What: 8/10-8/13

This weekend things start to heat up with Rock for Pussy, the Pizza Luce Block Party and much more.

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Thursday, July 27th

Weekend What’s What: 7/27-7/30

Among many other things, this weekend will feature everything from visual arts on bikes to dogs in parades.

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Thursday, July 20th

Weekend What’s What: 7/20-7/23

Visual arts, theater, local music and open streets fill out MSP’s weekend lineup of events.

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Thursday, July 6th

Weekend What’s What: 7/6-7/9

Beat the heat with all of the great events happening this weekend!

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Thursday, June 29th

Weekend What’s What: 6/29-7/4

Let freedom ring throughout the Twin Cities as we celebrate independence with punk rock, gallery shows, hip hop and more in this expanded 4th of July edition of Weekend What’s What.

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Thursday, June 22nd

Weekend What’s What: 6/22-6/25

Pride, Pride and more Pride. This weekend is stacked with opportunities for you to celebrate one of the greatest gatherings the Twin Cities has to offer.

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Thursday, June 15th

Weekend What’s What: 6/15-6/18

This weekend Twin Cities Pride sneaks into the mix early, the Stone Arch Bridge lights up and the Minnesota Zoo hosts more than just animals.

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Thursday, June 8th

Weekend What’s What: 6/8-6/11

Northern Spark, Prince’s birthday and the re-opening of the Walker Sculpture Garden? It seems as though summer really has returned.

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Thursday, May 4th

Weekend What’s What: 5/4-5/7

Outdoors or in, the Twin Cities has your back with a variety of unique happenings this weekend all throughout the area.

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Thursday, April 27th

Weekend What’s What: 4/27-4/30

End April in the Twin Cities with the St. Paul Art Crawl, the return of Mia’s “Art In Bloom,” and so much more.

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Thursday, April 20th

Weekend What’s What: 4/20-4/23

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of Prince’s death, and as such, MSP has plenty of opportunities to celebrate our local icon’s illustrious life.

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Thursday, April 13th

Weekend What’s What: 4/13-4/16

Arts, theater, film and craft beer: this weekend features all of that and everything in between.

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Thursday, April 6th

Weekend What’s What: 4/6-4/9

With a handful of exciting throwback-themed events, a strong lineup of local live music and a reading from Nora McInery’s new book, this weekend will surely live up to the expected spike in temperature.

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Thursday, March 23rd

Weekend What’s What: 3/23-3/26

Even though the weather isn’t reflective of the fact that spring is finally here, this weekend’s lineup of events certainly is.

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Thursday, March 16th

Weekend What’s What: 3/16-3/19

From local music to benefits to dance parties, this weekend is filled to the brim with a lineup of great events.

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Thursday, March 9th

Weekend What’s What: 3/9-3/12

Between art exhibits, musical tributes and the opening of a brand new venue in St. Paul, and so much more, this weekend offers plenty to do throughout the Twin Cities.

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Thursday, February 23rd

Weekend What’s What: 2/23-2/26

This weekend features the Minneapolis Craft Market, Winterfest, a few brewery/distillery events that have us longing for spring, and much more.

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Thursday, February 16th

Weekend What’s What: 2/16-2/19

Along with an assortment of great events in the Twin Cities this weekend comes some warm weather in the form of a welcomed winter respite.

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Thursday, February 9th

Weekend What’s What: 2/9-2/12

With a few important protests, tons of live music and much more, this weekend’s guide has everything to keep you engaged in MSP.

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Thursday, February 2nd

Weekend What’s What: 2/2-2/5

From frozen festivals to art openings and more, this weekend is filled with plenty of events to brave the cold for.

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Thursday, January 26th

Weekend What’s What: 1/26-1/29

This weekend’s lineup of events throughout the Twin Cities comes as a welcome distraction from the happenings of the outside world. The Current turns 12, The Great Northern winter festival kicks off and a smattering of theatre opening and closing weekends round out what you can expect from Minneapolis-St. Paul this weekend, among much else.

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Thursday, January 19th

Weekend What’s What: 1/19-1/22

This weekend’s inauguration gives us more reason than ever to get out and support Minneapolis-St. Paul’s diversity-driven events scene.

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Thursday, January 12th

Weekend What’s What: 1/12-1/15

As we get deeper and deeper into Winter in the Twin Cities, we get to warm ourselves up with a host of great events in our fair cities.

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Thursday, January 5th

Weekend What’s What: 1/5-1/8

With 2016 out of sight, out of mind, 2017 is off to a good start with this weekend’s lineup of events.

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Thursday, December 29th

Weekend What’s What: 12/29-1/1

There are lots of opportunities for you to ring in the New Year in style this weekend throughout the Twin Cities, with shows both new and familiar, including Transmission’s F U 2016, First Ave’s New Year’s Danceteria and spots from local favorites like Zuluzuluu, tiny deaths and many more.

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Thursday, December 22nd

Weekend What’s What: 12/22-12/25

If your annual holiday tradition involves avoiding your in-laws, this week’s guide will be particularly helpful in getting you out of the house.

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Thursday, December 15th

Weekend What’s What: 12/15-12/18

This weekend features meet-and-greets, live music, holiday shows and more to keep you distracted from that seasonal shopping you’ve been putting off.

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