Thursday, February 26th

The Niles Files: Screwing the Middle Class
Fifty Shades of Grey

Looking at “Fifty Shades of Grey” as a subtly derisive and class conscious critique of the phenomenon surrounding the film.

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Friday, February 20th

The Niles Files: Lonely Workaday Film Columnist’s Oscar Predix
Theory of Everything

Niles doesn’t want to talk about movies as much as he wants to talk about himself in his last minute bid at Oscar punditry.

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Monday, February 2nd

The Niles Files: The Best Films of 2014

At long last, film columnist Niles Schwartz lays out his selections of 2014’s best films, a year that, from “Grand Budapest Hotel” to “Gone Girl” to “Birdman” to “National Gallery,” repeatedly considered the notion of Life as Art.

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Wednesday, November 26th

The Niles Files: “National Gallery” on Display at the Walker
National Gallery

Frederick Wiseman’s “National Gallery,” a stirring and fascinating documentary that goes behind the masterpieces and into the offices of London’s National Gallery, plays this weekend at the Walker Cinema.

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Tuesday, November 11th

The Niles Files: Seeing and Hearing Sound Unseen’s Mastermind
Jim Brunzell

A spotlight on Jim Brunzell, back in Minnesota this November to program the Twin Cities’ celebrated fusion of music and movies, Sound Unseen, now in its 15th year.

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Wednesday, November 5th

The Niles Files: Godard’s 3-D Monster Movie Miracle
Goodbye to Language

Jean-Luc Godard’s 3-D marvel “Goodbye to Language,” a glowing and provocative cinema essay on technology and history, screens this weekend at the Walker Art Center cinema.

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Monday, November 3rd

The Niles Files: Raging Against the Dying of the Light
Dave Hilsgen

The Muller Family Theaters Willow Creek Cinema in Plymouth is one of only 10 standard theaters in the country to be projecting Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” in mostly obsolete 70mm film, and the only one in the Midwest.

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Tuesday, October 28th

The Niles Files: Derek Jarman’s “Blue” at the Walker

The Walker Art Center’s Derek Jarman series concludes this Wednesday evening with a screening of his audacious final film, “Blue.”

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Wednesday, October 22nd

The Niles Files: Derek Jarman’s “Wittgenstein” at the Walker

Derek Jarman’s “Wittgenstein,” a playful biopic of the influential 20th century philosopher, screens Wednesday October 22 at the Walker Art Center.

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Wednesday, October 15th

The Niles Files: Twin Peaks and the Return From “Meanwhile”
Twin Peaks

With the announced return of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult TV classic “Twin Peaks,” Niles considers the legacy of the show and speculates what the return means.

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Tuesday, October 14th

The Niles Files: Derek Jarman’s “The Angelic Conversation” at the Walker
Angelic Conversation

The Walker Art Center’s Derek Jarman retrospective continues Wednesday with “The Angelic Conversation.”

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Wednesday, October 8th

The Niles Files: Derek Jarman’s “Jubilee” at the Walker

A month-long Wednesday night retrospective on late iconoclastic filmmaker Derek Jarman begins tonight, October 8, at the Walker Art Center with his punk classic “Jubilee,” in addition to his short music promos for Marianne Faithful’s “Broken English” and The Smiths’ “The Queen is Dead.”

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Thursday, September 11th

The Niles Files: September Whine
Trip to Italy

The doldrums of September means Niles is bored and whiney about the fun people are having in Toronto and Telluride.

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Tuesday, August 19th

The Niles Files: Where Soul Meets Body
The Knick

Niles looks at the idiosyncratic formal properties of Steven Soderbergh’s new television show “The Knick” and how they’re integral to how the show functions as a medical drama.

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Wednesday, July 16th

The Niles Files: “It’s Old Fashioned.”
Eyes 125

Niles looks back at the ultimate anti-summer movie with an in-depth analysis of Stanley Kubrick’s sexual drama “Eyes Wide Shut,” released 15 years ago today.

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Wednesday, June 25th

The Niles Files: Remembrance of Matinees Past

With the recent onslaught of online articles pointing out the anniversaries of movie release dates, Niles wonders if we’re actually writing and reading about our own lives and memories more than the films being appreciated.

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Wednesday, June 11th

The Niles Files: Summer Cruise
Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise’s comic sci-fi action film “Edge of Tomorrow,” demonstrates how the world’s once-biggest-movie-star is now a necessary Hollywood anomaly in an industry driven by franchises and hackneyed formulas.

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Monday, June 9th

The Niles Files: Kelly Reichardt’s Night Moves of the Soul
Night Moves

Kelly Reichardt’s terrific eco-noir “Night Moves,” a stunningly suspenseful maze of environmental activism and psychological dread, is currently playing at the MSP Film Society at St. Anthony Main.

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Wednesday, May 28th

The Niles Files: Dziga Vertov’s Doors of Perception
Man With a Movie Camera

Recently named one of the ten best films of all time by the British Film Institute, Dziga Vertov’s Soviet film manifesto, “The Man With a Movie Camera,” will be screening through June 30 at the Walker Art Center.

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Monday, May 19th

The Niles Files: An Appreciation of Gordon Willis, 1931-2014
"The Godfather Part II"

Niles Schwartz eulogizes iconic cinematographer Gordon Willis (“The Godfather” trilogy, “All the President’s Men,” “Annie Hall”), one of the last century’s great illuminators.

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Thursday, April 17th

The Niles Files: “God’s Not Dead” and Gimme That Check-Box Religion
God's Not Dead

Niles compares two recent faith-based films, Darren Aronofsky’s strange and formidable “Noah” and the softer–if more insidious–“God’s Not Dead.”

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Tuesday, April 1st

The Niles Files, April Fools Edition: “Dressed for the Occasion”

For the fourth annual April Fools edition of the Niles Files, Niles takes a look back at Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan’s 1989 masterpiece of commerce and bodies, “No Holds Barred,” the only film in history to open with the name “Jesse Ventura.”

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Wednesday, March 26th

The Niles Files: Martin Scorsese’s You Can’t Do That On Television
Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese’s controversial “The Wolf of Wall Street” heads to DVD and Blu Ray this week, and Niles explores the recurring motif of television in the film, as compared to Scorsese’s warm ode to illusions, “Hugo.”

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Wednesday, March 26th

The Niles Files: The Orbital Noose
Llewyn Davis

Newly available on DVD and Blu Ray, Niles returns to one of 2013’s richest and most mystifying films, the Coen brothers’ “Inside Llewyn Davis,” a Joycean marriage of the terrene and divine in the 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene.

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Wednesday, March 5th

The Niles Files: The Superfluous 2014 Oscar Hangover
12 Years a Slave

Niles goes over the winners of Sunday night’s Academy Awards ceremony while briefly speculating on possibly players for next year.

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Tuesday, February 25th

The Niles Files: 2014 Annual Oscar Whoo-Whoo Thingy
American Hustle

Niles offers his predictions and choices for the 86th Annual Academy Awards, which happen on Sunday, March 2.

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Friday, January 31st

The Niles Files: In Dreams
Mulholland Drive

The Trylon hosts a thrilling David Lynch weekend retrospective, “Surreal Marvel,” with a new 35mm print of “Eraserhead” beginning Friday, and screenings of “Dune,” “Mulholland Drive,” “Wild at Heart,” and “Blue Velvet” to follow.

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Wednesday, January 22nd

The Niles Files: Steve McQueen’s Hunger Artist
12 Yearsa Slave

Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave” has been criticized for its aestheticism and formal approach, but the film suggests that the creative will to authorship is a mode of resistance.

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Wednesday, January 15th

The Niles Files: Martin Scorsese’s New York Dead
Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a startling cousin of Scorsese’s little-seen “Bringing Out the Dead,” as the two films, both set in the early ’90s, explore civil responsibility (or the utter lack of it) during New York’s crucial turning point.

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Monday, December 23rd

The Niles Files: 2013’s Best Films, No Fingers-Crossed Infinity Edition
Act of Killing

The Niles Files offers up his annual best in the year of film roundup – plus Honorable Mentions, Favorite Performances, and The Hall of Disappointment.

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