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Wednesday, November 13th

The Niles Files: Every Everything About Sound Unseen
Every Everything

The annual Sound Unseen Film and Music Festival kicks off today with “Every Everything,” a documentary about Husker Du founder Grant Hart. For the next week, Sound Unseen curator Jim Brunzell III rocks the Twin Cities at the Landmark Center, the Trylon, and McNally Smith College of Music.

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Tuesday, May 22nd

The Niles Notes: “The Dictator,” “Parents,” “Battleship Potemkin”

This week in The Niles Notes, Niles reviews “The Dictator,” the so-bad-it’s good “Parents,” and a special screening of “The Battleship Potemkin.”

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Tuesday, April 24th

The Niles Notes: “Wuthering Heights,” Hitchcock Fest & more
Andrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights

The Niles Notes anticipates the Mpls/St.Paul International Film Fest screening of Andrea Arnold’s follow-up to “Fish Tank,” “Wuthering Heights.” The Riverview and Trylon are hosting Hitchcock all month, and Whit Stillman’s wit returns after a long absence with “Damsels in Distress.”

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Tuesday, April 10th

The Niles Notes: Lawrence Kasdan at the Walker, “Rocky” & “Raging Bull”

Plucked like scribbled Post-Its from the musty cabinet containing The Niles Files, these are The Niles Notes, a weekly what’s-what, what-for, and what’s-that following the world of film, wide and small, national and local, mainstream and indie, new and old.

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