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Thursday, November 1st

The Universe According to Callahan: The Shadows and Vorlons of the Tech Industry

In this week’s column, Rob Callahan posits Microsoft and Apple as the ancient warring factions from Straczynski’s “First Ones,” known as the Vorlons and the Shadows.

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Tuesday, October 2nd

The Universe According to Callahan: 5 Reasons a Flying Car is the Least of Your Concerns

Upon the 50th anniversary of the “Jetsets,” Rob Callahan answers a generation’s resounding cries of “Where is my flying car?!” and explains why we don’t need ’em.

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Wednesday, June 6th

The Niles Notes – “Prometheus” and the Beginning of the End for the Filmic “Body”

This week in The Niles Notes, Niles ties themes in Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” to the state of the modern, Netflix-streaming movie-goer and the imminent demise of the DVD.

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