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Saturday, August 10th

The Niles Files: “Like Very Special Episode Bad”
The Way Way Back

One of the summer’s sleeper hits, “The Way, Way Back” is an aggravating coming-of-age trifle about a misfit that feels like it was put together for a very well adjusted audience.

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Thursday, February 14th

The Niles Files: The Lonely, Crazy, Stupid-in-Love Hearts Club
Moonrise Kingdom

For Valentine’s Day, Niles shares some thoughts on love — and madness — in moviegoing and moviemaking.

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Friday, December 28th

Niles’ Ark: The Best Films of 2012
Moonrise Kingdom

Another New Year’s, another “Best Of” list. The Niles Files offers his top 10 movies of the year list, plus his picks for the most disappointing, annoying and worst films of the year.

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Thursday, November 1st

The Niles Files: The Man Who Fell to Earth

Upon the 30th anniversary of “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial,” Niles looks back on Steven Spielberg’s warm suburban love story between a lost alien and a lonely middle child – and wonders if this film, of all films, is the central one in his life.

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Thursday, August 2nd

The Niles Notes: Reassessing the Echo Chamber

Niles reacts against the Internet’s echo chamber of so-called “once-great” directors, and defends Oliver Stone and his most recent film, “Savages.”

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Wednesday, June 13th

The Niles Notes: Summer’s Beginning and End in “Moonrise Kingdom”
Moonrise Kingdom

Niles Schwartz waxes poetic on summertime and Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom,” as definitive a summer movie as it gets.

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