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Wednesday, December 9th

The Niles Files: ‘Twixt Myth and Ornament
In the Heart of the Ocean

Though intermittently vivid, Ron Howard’s whaling adventure “In the Heart of the Sea” demonstrates how easy it is to go soft in the face of both literature and history.

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Thursday, May 16th

The Niles Files: The One That Got Away

Baz Luhrmann’s frenzied adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” is a visually mind-boggling showcase for the filmmaker. While closely adhering to the source-material, the emotional complexities, mournful wistfulness, and contempt underlying the passion are trivialized, resulting in a conventional rich girl-poor boy romance. Luhrmann savors the Jazz Age iconography, but crucially excises the Middle Western undercurrent of the novel, which is at the story’s — and titular character’s — heart.

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Thursday, August 2nd

The Niles Notes: Reassessing the Echo Chamber

Niles reacts against the Internet’s echo chamber of so-called “once-great” directors, and defends Oliver Stone and his most recent film, “Savages.”

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Tuesday, March 27th

The Niles Notes: “The Hunger Games,” “Apocalypse Now” & Italian Film Fest

Plucked like scribbled Post-Its from the musty cabinet containing The Niles Files and hung atop the fragrance of l’étoile’s blazing star, these are The Niles Notes, a weekly what’s-what, what-for, and what’s-that following the world of film, wide and small, national and local, mainstream and indie, new and old, from Niles Schwartz of The Niles Files. THE HUNGER GAMES  (2012, Lion’s Gate) Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Donald Sutherland, Woody Harrelson, […]

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Monday, March 26th

The Niles Files: My Debt to “The Godfather”

          Well, this 40th anniversary Godfather festa is just about finished. Ten posts and a little coda may have worn me out before I tread in Hunger Games territory, but I still feel like I could go several more rounds with The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, and several sequences from The Godfather Part III, finding even more stuff to blabber on about. These films comprise […]

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