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Friday, July 25th

The Culturator: Midnight’s Children
Ash Marlene Hane, Rose Sexton, Ryan Wurst - The Midnight Brigade

In this week’s column, Juleana Enright chats with owner/sales and boutique manager Ash Marlene Hane about her co-venture The Midnight Brigade; a new artist run space in South Minneapolis that connects artists while housing a gallery, apparel boutique, screenprinting studio, and cassette tape label – all under one roof.

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Friday, May 4th

The Culturator: Now You See It, Then You Won’t
Bright and Fading, A Long Goodbye

In this week’s The Culturator, Juleana Enright chats with local artists about their artist residency at a condemned house in North Minneapolis where the phrase “this message will be destroyed after viewing” is not an elaboration.

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