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Wednesday, November 11th

We Will Rock You: Review Roundup feat. ELO, Deleter, Dan Israel

A trio of nifty reviews from here and elsewhere, folks, featuring the latest by 70s stalwarts ELO, an open letter to Jim McGuinn at the Current regarding awesome local band Deleter, and a review of Dan Israel’s most excellent album simply titled “Dan.”

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Wednesday, December 31st

We Will Rock You: Year-End Local Top Ten

Ah, the top 10 local albums list — always a blast to write. There are a few places where I intersect with my fellow critics, but in a lot of cases I feel like I’m on Mars, listening to a different batch of amazing albums than they are. Check out some of the ones you may have missed on the first go-round!

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Wednesday, December 3rd

We Will Rock You: Local Review Roundup feat. Deleter, Courtney Yasmineh, Tim Houlihan

Some local albums this week — a remarkable damn EP from Deleter, one of my favorite local bands. And a couple albums outside my normal reviewing “bag” from Courtney Yasmineh and Tim Houlihan that I quite enjoyed. Dig, folks.

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