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Tuesday, December 10th

The Culturator: I AM MPLS!

In this week’s The Culturator, I AM MPLS! creator, Sarah Edwards, chats about what this year’s event will entail, lists her “top ten” reasons you should be excited for I AM MPLS!, plus gives a few shout-outs to local boutiques she dubs “soulful” fashion spots.

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Monday, July 15th

Local Lenses: Stylists Styling Stylists
Sarah Edwards 4

In the second edition of Local Lenses, we chat with local stylist, blogger, and PR professional Davee Ek to learn how she feels about dressing a fellow stylist (Sarah Edwards) for this collaborative, fun-loving, Beyonce-inspired shoot.

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Tuesday, May 15th

Local Fashion Files: “The Peace House”

Local photographer Corey Tenold uses his girlfriend Ashlee Walker as a muse for his latest editorial, styled by I AM MPLS’ Sarah Edwards and Davee Ek.

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