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Friday, July 25th

The Culturator: Midnight’s Children

In this week’s column, Juleana Enright chats with owner/sales and boutique manager Ash Marlene Hane about her co-venture The Midnight Brigade; a new artist run space in South Minneapolis that connects artists while housing a gallery, apparel boutique, screenprinting studio, and cassette tape label – all under one roof.

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Wednesday, December 18th

A Few of Our Favorite Things: The Best of 2013

As we bid 2013 adieu in favor of a new year, the keen-eyed and eared staff of l’étoile look back on the year that was. We run down the Twin Cities bests in everything from fashion and art to literature and performance, food and drink, film and people.

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Friday, November 15th

The Culturator: Ash Marlene Hane is… Impossibly Ambitious

The Culturator chats with visual artist Ash Marlene Hane about her astounding array of upcoming projects, including Saturday’s debut exhibit PUSHED, plus ruminates on how she manages to stay so impossibly ambitious.

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Saturday, December 8th

Art & Vision: The State of the Arts (Part 1 of 3)
Stress Relief by Paige Guggemos

Nathaniel Smith deconstructs the traditional year end “best of” list in favor of a more open dialogue on the state of our arts community in the Twin Cities. In the first of three installments, he questions the commerce of art and the proliferation of the holiday/art/craft sale.

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Thursday, July 12th

Weekend What’s What: 7/12-7/15

We’re in the heart of summer – 90 degree days, non-stop sun, and the great outdoors. But that hasn’t stopped Twin Cities creatives from doing what they do best.

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Friday, May 4th

The Culturator: Now You See It, Then You Won’t

In this week’s The Culturator, Juleana Enright chats with local artists about their artist residency at a condemned house in North Minneapolis where the phrase “this message will be destroyed after viewing” is not an elaboration.

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