Weekend What’s What: 4/20-4/23

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of Prince’s death, and as such, MSP has plenty of opportunities to celebrate our local icon’s illustrious life.

Thursday, November 3rd

Weekend What’s What: 11/3-11/6

This weekend features a variety of great events to take your mind off the election before you get out and vote on Tuesday.

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Thursday, October 27th

Weekend What’s What: 10/27-10/31

Happy Halloween! Check out our gruesome guide for the best of what’s happening around the Twin Cities through Monday.

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Thursday, October 20th

Weekend What’s What: 10/20-10/23

As Halloween-themed events continue trickling in, weekenders will find plenty to get them in the fall spirit throughout the Twin Cities.

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Thursday, October 13th

Weekend What’s What: 10/13-10/16

Literature, Prince, visual art and zombies: There’s a lot to look out for this weekend throughout the Twin Cities!

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Friday, October 7th

In Review: Homme Fall 2016

Allison Shilinski reviews the styling at FWMN menswear show, Homme, which took place at Modist Brewing.

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Friday, October 7th

In Review: Envision Fall 2016

Beth Hammarlund reviews the 13 collections from the Fall 2016 edition of Envision, the Twin Cities’ longest running fashion show.

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Thursday, October 6th

Weekend What’s What: 10/6-10/9

This fall weekend in the Twin Cities is filled with live music, literature, burlesque, and so much more.

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Saturday, October 1st

In Review: FGI Fall into Luxury

Beth Hammarlund reviews the FWMN and FGI event “Fall into Luxury,” a boutique runway show featuring looks from Mona Williams, June and more.

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Thursday, September 29th

Weekend What’s What: 9/29-10/2

The fall fear kicks off strong this weekend with the 10th annual opening of the Haunted Basement, along with much more happening throughout the Twin Cities.

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Monday, September 26th

In Review: I AM Inspired

Beth Hammarlund reviews I Am Inspired, an FWMN event featuring clothing from six local boutiques and art from Caitlin Karolczak.

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Friday, September 23rd

In Review: Matryoshka in Japan

Beth Hammarlund reviews designer Danielle Everine’s latest show, “Matryoshka in Japan,” as part of l’├ętoile’s FWMN coverage.

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Thursday, September 22nd

Weekend What’s What: 9/22-9/25

As fall settles in, the Twin Cities pick up with a strong lineup of live music, theater and more this weekend.

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Thursday, September 15th

Weekend What’s What: 9/15-9/18

This weekend in the Twin Cities has it all: Fashion! Drama! Art! Music! Pizza?!?!

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Thursday, September 15th

Sophia Eris: A Familiar Face Embraces the Spotlight

On the eve of its release show, Anthony Iverson previews the local hip-hop/R&B icon’s solo debut album.

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Thursday, September 8th

Weekend What’s What: 9/8-9/11

August may be over, but the Twin Cities are still thriving with a variety of outdoor events to choose from this weekend.

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Thursday, September 1st

Weekend What’s What: 9/1-9/5

This extended weekend is filled with reunions, tributes, fair food, and much more.

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Thursday, August 25th

Weekend What’s What: 8/25-8/28

With the return of the Great Minnesota Get-Together, this weekend is filled with great food, art, music and more.

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Thursday, August 18th

Weekend What’s What: 8/18-8/21

While live music heavily dominates the Twin Cities this weekend, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get out and explore in more ways that one.

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Friday, August 12th

In Review: The 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival

As the revered performance festival winds down, Todd O’Dowd picks the 11 most memorable shows of this year’s festival.

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Thursday, August 11th

Weekend What’s What: 8/11-8/14

With the middle of August upon us, be sure to get out and enjoy these sun-kissed Twin Cities events while the weather’s still warm.

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Thursday, August 4th

Weekend What’s What: 8/4-8/7

The Twin Cities has its hands full this weekend with the Fringe Festival, block parties, art fairs and more.

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Thursday, July 28th

Weekend What’s What: 7/28-7/31

From art crawls to local music, the Twin Cities hosts an eclectic lineup of events this weekend.

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Thursday, July 21st

Weekend What’s What: 7/21-7/24

With temperatures rising in the Twin Cities, this weekend is the perfect time to get out and explore the diverse events happening around the area.

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Thursday, July 14th

The Niles Files: Reboot of Laughter and Forgetting

The new “Ghostbusters” mostly dances to its own beat rather than pandering by syncing up to its classic brand. What emerges is a solidly cast Paul Feig comedy.

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Thursday, July 7th

Weekend What’s What: 7/7-7/10

From musical tributes to art exhibits to obscure dance parties, this weekend will surely keep you occupied in one way or another.

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Thursday, June 30th

Weekend What’s What: 6/30-7/4

You probably haven’t even recovered from Pride yet, but the Fourth of July weekend is already upon us. Get ready to get your America on!

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Thursday, June 23rd

Weekend What’s What: 6/23-6/26

With Pride season in full force, you can celebrate this weekend with dance parties, drag shows and much, much more.

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Thursday, June 16th

Weekend What’s What: 6/16-6/19

With Rock the Garden, the Stone Arch Bridge Festival and a flurry of other shows, this weekend is packed to the brim with great live music.

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Monday, June 13th

Song Premiere: Dream On Nilsson’s “Gotta Get Up”

A hot, hot song premiere from Dream On Nilsson, our local Nilsson interpreters, and you heard it here first, folks: an astounding version of Nilsson’s seminal “Gotta Get Up”

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Thursday, June 9th

Weekend What’s What: 6/9-6/12

From an all-night arts festival to music tributes to dance parties — this weekend’s lineup will surely leave you exhausted.

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