Wednesday, December 16th

We Will Rock You: Holy Shit, Another Great Prince Record

ANOTHER good Prince record? So soon after his last one back in October 2014? Uh huh. And make no mistake, this one might even better that one. It’s good. Like really, really good. Find out how.

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Wednesday, December 9th

A Crate Digger’s Guide to Spicing Up Your Holiday Playlist

Anthony Iverson spices up your holiday playlist with ten off-beat Christmas songs that you need to hear.

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Wednesday, December 9th

We Will Rock You: The Official 2015 Top Ten (+ 2 Bonus Tracks!)

My favorite time of the year — LIST TIME, folks. Time to codify what I heard over the course of the year and present my ten favorite albums! If you missed any of these, it’s time to catch up, because 2015 was one hell of a year for music, folks.

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Wednesday, December 2nd

We Will Rock You: Merry Christmas, and Fuck You.

You know what’s super fun? Talking about Christmas songs we HATE. We’ve all got ’em. I know you do too. So let’s hit the god-damn bricks and tear these songs a new one.

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Wednesday, November 25th

We Will Rock You: What If Music Doesn’t Fucking Help?

This last couple weeks has been just awful. Just plain — god. TERRIBLE. What the hell do you do when even music can’t fix your problems? I’m not even sure. But let’s talk about it.

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Wednesday, November 18th

We Will Rock You: Greycoats Create A God-Damn Masterpiece

BOOM, here it is — best local album of the year, a masterpiece from Greycoats coming along near the end of the year. I’d hoped they had it in ’em, and sure enough, they did. You need this now.

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Wednesday, November 11th

We Will Rock You: Review Roundup feat. ELO, Deleter, Dan Israel

A trio of nifty reviews from here and elsewhere, folks, featuring the latest by 70s stalwarts ELO, an open letter to Jim McGuinn at the Current regarding awesome local band Deleter, and a review of Dan Israel’s most excellent album simply titled “Dan.”

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Wednesday, November 4th

We Will Rock You: The Best Worst Band Ever: Uriah Heep

British rock band Uriah Heep just played a massive show in Moscow to rapturous reviews. So how come you haven’t heard of ’em?

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Wednesday, October 28th

We Will Rock You: I Listen To The Top 20 (So You Don’t Have To): Electric Boogaloo

An odd, transitional chart right now. Not as agonizing as the last couple were, for sure, where I was ready to quit music entirely — there are five or six songs on here that I really dug, and oddly, two of ’em were by Justin Bieber. The re-Bieberizing of the Beebs begins now, and it’s bolstered by some really smart single-making, which is the only way to do it. How […]

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Wednesday, October 21st

We Will Rock You: Ten (more) Great New Metal Albums

The killer metal albums keep a-comin’ — here are ten more that came out just in the last couple of months. The genre continues to resurge, we continue to cover it.

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Wednesday, October 14th

We Will Rock You: Review Roundup feat. The Zombies, The Pretty Things and Katy Vernon

Three great damn albums reviewed this week, including two by original-wave British Invasioners the Zombies and the Pretty Things, plus a delightful and very ambitious album by Katy Vernon.

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Wednesday, September 30th

We Will Rock You: Ten More Records You Haven’t Heard (But Should)

In need of some fall listening? Let us find you some awesome and obscure records you’ve never heard (probably) — ten of ’em, to be precise!

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Monday, September 28th


In this exclusive audio interview, Todd O’Dowd chats with the “new celebrity” and “drag terrorist” about her influences, her art, and her upcoming Minneapolis debut on September 30.

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Wednesday, September 23rd

We Will Rock You: Review Roundup feat. Ryan Adams, New Order, Horisont

Look folks. I know you’re sick of think pieces about Ryan Adams 1989. So i wrote a NON-THINK-PIECE about it for you. You’re welcome. Also: reviews of the new New Order and the new album by Horisont.

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Wednesday, September 16th

We Will Rock You: Review Roundup feat. Sarah Morris and Duran Duran

This week: one great local album, a brilliant country-tinged work of considerable brilliance from Sarah Morris, and one — er, quite mixed album from New Romantic gods Duran Duran.

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Monday, September 14th

In Review: Minnesota Orchestra’s 2015-16 Season Opener

After a thrilling year, Minnesota Orchestra opens their 2015-16 season with a lovely, if tonally-jarring, season opener; enhanced by a thrilling performance by six-time Tony-winner Audra McDonald.

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Wednesday, September 9th

We Will Rock You: Review Roundup feat. Prince and Iron Maiden

This week’s We Will Rock You: a pair of reviews, featuring Prince’s latest LP and the new album by metal stalwarts Iron Maiden.

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Wednesday, September 2nd

We Will Rock You: Miley Cyrus’ New Record Is Fucking Great

Holy cow: after the nadir in music that was “Bangerz,” how is it possible that Miley Cyrus released a psychedelic gem that’s not only quite beautiful but also quite remarkable? The weirdest album ever released by a mainstream artist? We think so.

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Thursday, August 27th

We Will Rock You: Review Roundup feat. The Weeknd, Dark Pony, Ghost

A trio of reviews, including the latest R&B masterpiece in a year full of ’em by the Weeknd, a great power-pop album by local Jon Herchert aka Dark Pony, and an album by Ghost which proves that there’s some life in the ol’ “costumed entity” schtick.

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Wednesday, August 19th

We Will Rock You: Styx-travaganza!

This week, We Will Rock You is enormously lucky to have spoken with Styx and Brian Wilson drummer Todd Sucherman about life on the road, joining two of America’s best rock bands and Styx’ ongoing, hipster-proof fame. If you know how much I love Styx, you know: this rules.

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Wednesday, August 12th

We Will Rock You: Local Review Roundup feat. Glean, L’Assassins, Oaks, Counterfactuals

A couple of local albums and a couple of local singles this week, including a tremendously amazing single from super-underrated, should-be-queens-of-the-scene trash-punk band L’Assassins. I love them. Can you tell?

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Wednesday, July 29th

We Will Rock You: Ten 80s Artists That Are Still Vital

Think your favorite 80s bands are past their prime? Think again: in celebration of a great new New Order single, we run down ten totally killer albums by your 80s heroes that are anything but has-beens.

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Wednesday, July 22nd

We Will Rock You: Billy and the Boingers Bootleg

This week, We Will Rock You takes a brief foray into the comic pages to celebrate the return of the rock-lovin’, completely awesome BLOOM COUNTY. Ack.

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Wednesday, July 15th

We Will Rock You: The Rise (or, re-rise) Of Traditional Metal

Today’s metal subgenre (a follow-up to my metal article a couple weeks ago): Traditional metal. Basically: back to the basics, here; three killer albums that remind you of your Maiden records of yore, all barbarians and steel and killer guitar riffs.

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Monday, July 13th

A Music Junkie’s Troubled Quest for the Perfect Playlist

Anthony Iverson looks at Prince’s recent decision to consolidate his streaming catalogue to Tidal, and how that has affected his music listening habits in the age of the music streaming arms race.

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Saturday, July 11th

Le Talk: In Cahoots with Pony Bwoy

Lee Purvey chats with the ambient hip hop duo on the eve of the release of their new single and their appearance at Saturday’s Red Bull Sound Select: Twin Cities concert.

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Wednesday, July 8th

We Will Rock You: Tame Impala Rules Your Entire Life

You guys. THIS ALBUM.

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Wednesday, July 1st

We Will Rock You: Review Roundup feat. Miguel, Bilal, Leon Bridges and Terry Eason

This week, a trio — TRIO — of damn brilliant, masterpiece R&B records, continuing that genre’s unbeatable winning streak. Plus a killer power-pop album by Terry Eason that’ll have you longing for that genre’s mid-90s heyday (think: Velvet Crush). Killer.

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Wednesday, June 24th

We Will Rock You: I Listen To The Top 20 So You Don’t Have To: The Revolution is Coming Edition

Change is coming. It has to. There are hints of it in this week’s charts, but oh man oh man will you find some terrible, throwbackily wholesome, sexist retro garbage here. This was tough, folks, but I do it for you.

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Tuesday, June 23rd

In Review: Rock The Garden 2015 – Day 2

Todd O’Dowd and Gigi Berry took in the second day of the 2015 edition of The Walker and The Current’s annual music festival; featuring Modest Mouse, Babes In Toyland, Seun Kuti & Egypt ’80, JD McPherson, and The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger

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