Thursday, May 25th

Soundset’s Rise to the Top: From Minneapolis Warehouse Party to Marquee Music Festival

How Rhymesayers turned a local community into hip-hop’s center stage

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Friday, February 3rd

Suzie’s New Album Blends Pop Music of the Past and Present

On the eve of their album release show, Anthony Iverson talks to Suzie’s frontman Mark Ritsema about the evolution of the band’s sound

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Thursday, December 29th

We Will Rock You: Survival in A Time Of Fascism, or, We Have Been Here Before

In which Our Author draws parallels to the almost-equally-terrible year of 1980 to give comfort as 2016 rolls thankfully into the past and the terrifying future stretches out before us.

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Thursday, December 22nd

We Will Rock You: Yes, I’m still alive. Here’s the best of 2016.

The return of our erstwhile music writer, long disheartened by 2016, here to offer his thoughts on the best music of the first year of the apocalypse.

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Thursday, September 15th

Sophia Eris: A Familiar Face Embraces the Spotlight

On the eve of its release show, Anthony Iverson previews the local hip-hop/R&B icon’s solo debut album.

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Monday, June 13th

Song Premiere: Dream On Nilsson’s “Gotta Get Up”

A hot, hot song premiere from Dream On Nilsson, our local Nilsson interpreters, and you heard it here first, folks: an astounding version of Nilsson’s seminal “Gotta Get Up”

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Tuesday, May 10th

In Review – “The Shining”

Minnesota Opera ends its 2015-16 season in triumph with the world premiere of the fantastic and terrifying operatic adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic horror novel.

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Thursday, April 21st

We Will Rock You: Goodbye, Sweet Prince.

Just gutted. All of us.

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Thursday, April 21st

BREAKING: Prince Reported Dead at 57

The multi-Grammy winning Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member was found dead at his studio / home this morning.

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Wednesday, April 13th

We Will Rock You: Wild About Harry

Tomorrow night at the Turf Club: DREAM ON NILSSON, a great new band that’s a tribute to the genius of Harry Nilsson. Who was Harry Nilsson, you ask? Let us tell you.

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Thursday, March 31st

We Will Rock You: Every Monkees Album Reviewed

Happy 50th to the “Pre-Fab Four” — and if you know anything about me, you know they’re one of our favorite bands ever. We take this opportunity to review and rank all their LPs — happy listening!

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Wednesday, March 23rd

We Will Rock You: Rest In Peace, Phife

We say goodbye to another brilliant musician in 2016, the year of So Many Deaths — this time Phife Dawg from the genius rap group Tribe Called Quest.

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Monday, March 21st

Le Talk: Workin’ on our Night Moves

On the eve of their forthcoming album release, Anthony Iverson chats with the acclaimed local rock duo on the band’s evolution.

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Wednesday, March 16th

In Review: “Tosca”

Minnesota Opera proves it can deliver in the standard operatic repertoire with a thrillingly sung and conducted production of “Tosca.”

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Wednesday, March 9th

We Will Rock You: Untitled / Unedited / Unmastered / Unfuckwithable

A collection of demos? Nah. Kendrick’s album might have had its roots in that, but has become something much rarer: a genuine masterpiece.

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Wednesday, March 2nd

We Will Rock You: Why I Live In The 70s

Our writer lives in the 1970s. Seriously: he does. He’s surrounded by 70s stuff pretty much all day, every day. It’s a little weird, we admit, but here’s why he does it.

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Wednesday, February 24th

We Will Rock You: Every Month Is Black History Month feat. BJ The Chicago Kid, Lion Babe, Adrian Younge

Our local Black-History-Month-Celebratin’ radio station might not be playing ’em, but this trio of new releases by black artists proves that black current is just as awesome as black history, thank you very much.

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Wednesday, February 17th

We Will Rock You: The New Kanye Record is Great, Not That You Care

The new Kanye record — admit it, you’ve already made your mind up, right? If not, please do read ahead — it’s a hell of an album.

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Monday, February 8th

Led by Lizzo, Grrrls Take Over Twin Cities Hip-Hop

In the wake of her sold-out Mainroom headlining debut at First Avenue, Anthony Iverson offers an appreciation to the current queen of the Twin Cities music scene.

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Wednesday, February 3rd

We Will Rock You: I Listen To The Top 20 So You Don’t Have to Vol. 12: The YouTubenning

Oh hey! It’s that time again — time for me to agonizingly churn through the iTunes Top 20 and see if there’s any gold. This week? Not really, but there sure are plenty of cute white YouTubers.

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Friday, January 29th

We Will Rock You, R.I.P. Paul Kantner Bonus Edition

A special week-end bonus edition of We Will Rock You — we take a look at the career of Jefferson Airplane bandleader Paul Kantner. No, he didn’t write “We Built This City.” Yes, he was damn brilliant. Check it out.

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Wednesday, January 27th

We Will Rock You: After Bowie, Now What?

So you miss David Bowie? Oh my god, you ask, who can I listen to who embodies David Bowie’s experimental spirit but maybe I’m not as familiar with their catalog? Let us help.

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Wednesday, January 20th

Review Roundup feat. Anderson .Paak, The Last Conspirators, Witchcraft

A selection of nifty reviews from this post-Bowie-death week, including a masterpiece from Anderson .Paak, a nifty punk salvo from the Last Conspirators and a metal slab from Sweden’s Witchcraft.

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Wednesday, January 13th

We Will Rock You: Every David Bowie Album, Ranked

You know what? Here at l’etoile, we refuse to eulogize David Bowie. Instead, we’re gonna do what some terrible clickbait organization will do (but wrongly): rank all his albums as an excuse to listen to ’em and talk about ’em some more.

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Wednesday, January 6th

We Will Rock You: Local Review Roundup feat. Moors Blackmon, Fury Things, Pasadena ’68/Dakota Shakedown

A trio of local reviews this week — playing catchup with recent albums by Fury Things and Pasadena ’68/Dakota Shakedown, plus looking to the future (the intense future) with Moors Blackmon.

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Wednesday, January 6th

BREAKING: Brian Oake to co-host The Current’s Morning Show

In a bit of surprising (to some) news, the long-time radio fixture joins the Current’s Morning Show starting March 7.

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Wednesday, December 30th

We Will Rock You: The Art of the Morning Show

If you’re like me, you love morning shows. Even if you don’t — well, you know they exist right? We’ve had some good ones in the Twin Cities over the years — and hopefully we’ll have more, if you get my drift.

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Tuesday, December 29th

A Few Of Our Favorite Things: The Best Of 2015

l’étoile presents its annual list of the best people, events, and things in the Twin Cities this year!

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Wednesday, December 23rd

We Will Rock You: The Top Horror Films (yes, FILMS) of 2015

What? FILM? Yeah. Since Niles decided to do a little music writing, I thought “what the heck” — here’s my 10 favorite horror films of 2015. And believe me, I watch a lot of ’em.

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Friday, December 18th

The Niles Files: Manplanet Comes Back to Earth

After a 12 year hiatus, local space band Manplanet returns Saturday night to the Triple Rock, and we’ve received some special transmissions from them before they land back on earth.

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