Thursday, May 26th

Weekend What’s What: 5/26-5/29

Summer in the Twin Cities starts now with a can’t-miss list of events, parties, block parties, and more! Oh, and there’s this little festival called Soundset…

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Wednesday, May 25th

In Review: The Glass Menagerie
James Napoleon Stone and Kaylyn Forkey in Theatre Coup d'État's production of The Glass Menagerie.

Theatre Coup d’État triumphs with a hauntingly beautiful and viscerally painful production of Tennessee Williams’ iconic play.

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Wednesday, May 25th

The Niles Files: Born Again
The Christians

An overview of Walking Shadow’s stellar production of “The Christians,” at the Mixed Blood Theater, alongside Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “The Book of Mormon,” currently at the Orpheum, which in tandem dig into a contemporary American spiritual crisis.

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Thursday, May 19th

Weekend What’s What: 5/19-5/22

Whether you’re running to the eye of the artistic storm that is Art-A-Whirl, or trying to escape from Nordeast, we have the list of the must-see events of this busy weekend!

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Thursday, May 12th

Weekend What’s What: 5/12-5/15

As the Twin Cities gears up for the upcoming summer, the town celebrates with a host of can’t-miss events.

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Tuesday, May 10th

In Review – “The Shining”

Minnesota Opera ends its 2015-16 season in triumph with the world premiere of the fantastic and terrifying operatic adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic horror novel.

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Thursday, May 5th

Weekend What’s What: 5/5-5/8

As spring hits its stride and temperatures start to (finally) rise, this weekend features plenty of events to help you get out and explore the Twin Cities.

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Thursday, April 28th

Weekend What’s What: 4/28-5/1

This weekend Minneapolis-St. Paul hosts a variety of visual arts, tributes and outdoor gigs — all with an underlying purple hue.

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Thursday, April 21st

Weekend What’s What: 4/21-4/24

In light of the recent tragedy, the Twin Cities rallies with a slew of can’t miss events this weekend.

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Thursday, April 21st

We Will Rock You: Goodbye, Sweet Prince.

Just gutted. All of us.

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Thursday, April 21st

BREAKING: Prince Reported Dead at 57

The multi-Grammy winning Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member was found dead at his studio / home this morning.

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Tuesday, April 19th

In Review: Joynoëlle: A Study in Color

Beth Hammarlund reviews the FWMN presentation of Joynoëlle’s Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection.

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Monday, April 18th

In Review: Challenger by Kandler

Back at it in the local fashion scene, the much beloved Luci Kandler was spot on with her space explosion inspired collection at her Fashion Week MN event at Blockfort Studios on Sunday.

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Thursday, April 14th

Weekend What’s What: 4/14-4/17

Between Record Store Day 2016, tribute shows and album releases, this weekend will be very music-heavy across Minneapolis-St. Paul.

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Wednesday, April 13th

We Will Rock You: Wild About Harry
Harry Nilsson

Tomorrow night at the Turf Club: DREAM ON NILSSON, a great new band that’s a tribute to the genius of Harry Nilsson. Who was Harry Nilsson, you ask? Let us tell you.

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Tuesday, April 12th

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8, Episode 6

This week’s challenge saw the remaining seven queens (and a few friends) go Over The Rainbow with a reading-inspired challenge.

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Thursday, April 7th

Weekend What’s What: 4/7-4/10

Spring returns to the Twin Cities with a bang as Fashion Week MN and the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival both sashay back onto the scene.

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Thursday, April 7th

In Review: A Tale Twice Told

New Epic Theater takes a huge artistic risk with its presentation of “The Normal Heart” and “Coriolanus” in repertory.

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Tuesday, April 5th

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8, Episode 5

The most beloved challenge in the show’s history leads to one of the weakest episodes in the season.

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Thursday, March 31st

Weekend What’s What: 3/31-4/3

All April Fool’s jokes aside, this weekend offers an array of awesome theater, music, visual arts and even an opportunity for you to air up those bike tires of yours.

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Tuesday, March 29th

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8, Episode 4

In this special episode, the girls form New Wave singing groups for the entertainment of two musical legends.

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Thursday, March 24th

Weekend What’s What: 3/24-3/27

Check out What’s What this weekend for the latest in album release shows, artist exhibitions, milestone anniversaries and much more.

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Wednesday, March 23rd

We Will Rock You: Rest In Peace, Phife

We say goodbye to another brilliant musician in 2016, the year of So Many Deaths — this time Phife Dawg from the genius rap group Tribe Called Quest.

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Tuesday, March 22nd

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8, Episode 3

The first acting challenge (with more than questionable material) leads to a surprising result and one of the most inspired runways in the show’s herstory!

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Monday, March 21st

Le Talk: Workin’ on our Night Moves

On the eve of their forthcoming album release, Anthony Iverson chats with the acclaimed local rock duo on the band’s evolution.

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Thursday, March 17th

Weekend What’s What: 3/17-3/20
04-17www-e1366323555811 (1)

Whether you’re embracing your inner Irish or running away from it, the Twin Cities is loaded with great events this St. Patrick’s Day Weekend.

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Wednesday, March 16th

In Review: “Tosca”
Kelly Kaduce in Minnesota Opera's production of Tosca.

Minnesota Opera proves it can deliver in the standard operatic repertoire with a thrillingly sung and conducted production of “Tosca.”

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Tuesday, March 15th

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8, Episode 2

What happens when one of the best team challenges is paired with one of the worst lip syncs? Let’s find out together!

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Thursday, March 10th

Weekend What’s What: 3/10-3/13

Emerge from your groggy winter slumber with a list of can’t miss concerts and events this weekend.

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Wednesday, March 9th

We Will Rock You: Untitled / Unedited / Unmastered / Unfuckwithable

A collection of demos? Nah. Kendrick’s album might have had its roots in that, but has become something much rarer: a genuine masterpiece.

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