Thursday, November 19th

Weekend What’s What: 11/19-11/22

With the holidays quickly approaching, this weekend offers the opportunity to both embrace the festive spirit and put it on hold for a little while longer.

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Wednesday, November 18th

We Will Rock You: Greycoats Create A God-Damn Masterpiece

BOOM, here it is — best local album of the year, a masterpiece from Greycoats coming along near the end of the year. I’d hoped they had it in ‘em, and sure enough, they did. You need this now.

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Thursday, November 12th

Weekend What’s What: 11/12-11/15

This weekend offers you the opportunity to give to the max, expand your precious zine collection and experience a history of music through film, among much more.

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Thursday, November 12th

In Review: Six Nights of Theatre
Adam Qualls and Claudia Wilkens in New Epic Theater's production of Doubt.

In this omnibus review, Todd O’Dowd takes in opening weekend performances from Casting Spells Productions, the Jungle Theater, New Epic Theater, Transatlantic Love Affair, Theatre Coup d’Etat, and Workhaus Collective over the course of six days.

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Wednesday, November 11th

We Will Rock You: Review Roundup feat. ELO, Deleter, Dan Israel

A trio of nifty reviews from here and elsewhere, folks, featuring the latest by 70s stalwarts ELO, an open letter to Jim McGuinn at the Current regarding awesome local band Deleter, and a review of Dan Israel’s most excellent album simply titled “Dan.”

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Thursday, November 5th

Weekend What’s What: 11/5-11/8

As the leaves continue to fall and we move on from an eventful October, this weekend offers a ton of potential for fans of food, art, live music and more.

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Thursday, November 5th

The Niles Files: The Laying on of Haynes
Todd Haynes' "Carol," with Cate Blanchett.

The Walker Art Center presents director Todd Haynes in dialogue Friday evening, along with a retrospective of some of his most acclaimed films, including “Far From Heaven,” “Safe,” and “I’m Not There.”

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Wednesday, November 4th

We Will Rock You: The Best Worst Band Ever: Uriah Heep

British rock band Uriah Heep just played a massive show in Moscow to rapturous reviews. So how come you haven’t heard of ‘em?

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Thursday, October 29th

Weekend What’s What: 10/29-11/1

This year’s edition of HallowWhat’s What will save you from handing out candy all weekend with plenty of options for you to get out and show off that costume of yours!

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Wednesday, October 28th

We Will Rock You: I Listen To The Top 20 (So You Don’t Have To): Electric Boogaloo

An odd, transitional chart right now. Not as agonizing as the last couple were, for sure, where I was ready to quit music entirely — there are five or six songs on here that I really dug, and oddly, two of ‘em were by Justin Bieber. The re-Bieberizing of the Beebs begins now, and it’s bolstered by some really smart single-making, which is the only way to do it. How […]

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Thursday, October 22nd

Weekend What’s What: 10/22-10/25

This weekend will feature a variety of horrific thrills and seasonal happenings amidst Minneapolis/St. Paul’s mainstay of music, visual arts and theater events.

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Wednesday, October 21st

We Will Rock You: Ten (more) Great New Metal Albums

The killer metal albums keep a-comin’ — here are ten more that came out just in the last couple of months. The genre continues to resurge, we continue to cover it.

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Thursday, October 15th

Weekend What’s What: 10/15-10/18

Even if crawling around like a brainless zombie isn’t exactly your scene, this weekend boasts plenty of wonderful fall events to keep you far and away from the chaos (or deep in the middle if you’re so inclined).

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Wednesday, October 14th

We Will Rock You: Review Roundup feat. The Zombies, The Pretty Things and Katy Vernon

Three great damn albums reviewed this week, including two by original-wave British Invasioners the Zombies and the Pretty Things, plus a delightful and very ambitious album by Katy Vernon.

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Thursday, October 8th

Weekend What’s What: 10/8-10/11

Autumn is in full swing, and the Twin Cities is rising to the challenge with a weekend full of can’t-miss events!

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Thursday, October 1st

Weekend What’s What: 10/1-10/4
01-14www (1)

This weekend the Gamut Gallery opens its new doors, the Haunted Basement its doors and Doomtree channels their wild side.

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Thursday, October 1st

In Review – Envision Fall 2015

Envision continues to be the Twin Cities’ best event for top-notch local fashion with their Fall 2015 show. Beth Hammarlund reviews the twelve designers’ collections.

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Wednesday, September 30th

We Will Rock You: Ten More Records You Haven’t Heard (But Should)

In need of some fall listening? Let us find you some awesome and obscure records you’ve never heard (probably) — ten of ‘em, to be precise!

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Monday, September 28th

Photo Credit: Jason Rodgers

In this exclusive audio interview, Todd O’Dowd chats with the “new celebrity” and “drag terrorist” about her influences, her art, and her upcoming Minneapolis debut on September 30.

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Monday, September 28th

In Review – FGI of Minneapolis & St. Paul’s Fall: Into Luxury

Allison Shilinski reviews FGI Minneapolis & St. Paul’s Fall: Into Luxury fashion showcase and spills the beans on the vintage couture sale of the century.

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Monday, September 28th

The Idiot Box: “Doctor Who” Series 9, Episode 2

The second half of the Series 9 opener is a more intimate, and considerably stronger, affair.

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Thursday, September 24th

Weekend What’s What: 9/24-9/27

With fall officially underway, this weekend brings you plenty of opportunities to enjoy autumn appropriately.

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Wednesday, September 23rd

We Will Rock You: Review Roundup feat. Ryan Adams, New Order, Horisont

Look folks. I know you’re sick of think pieces about Ryan Adams 1989. So i wrote a NON-THINK-PIECE about it for you. You’re welcome. Also: reviews of the new New Order and the new album by Horisont.

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Tuesday, September 22nd

In Review: The 2015 IVEY Awards

Todd O’Dowd reviews the good and the questionable at this year’s edition of the coveted Twin Cities theatre awards.

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Monday, September 21st

The Idiot Box: “Doctor Who” Series 9, Episode 1

In the first half of a two-part season opener, the long-running British sci-fi series looks back at its past (and one of its greatest stories ever) with mixed results.

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Thursday, September 17th

Weekend What’s What: 9/17-9/20

Let us plan your weekend (and Monday!) with tons of music, tons of art, the debut / return of Fashion Week, and the Ivey Awards.

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Wednesday, September 16th

We Will Rock You: Review Roundup feat. Sarah Morris and Duran Duran

This week: one great local album, a brilliant country-tinged work of considerable brilliance from Sarah Morris, and one — er, quite mixed album from New Romantic gods Duran Duran.

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Wednesday, September 16th

The Idiot Box: Fall Television Preview

In this preview, Todd O’Dowd looks at the fall television line up and picks out which shows are the most intriguing.

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Monday, September 14th

Le Talk: Hannibal Buress

In this special interview, Gigi Berry chats with the acclaimed comedian about his career, his love of music, and his upcoming shows this Wednesday – Friday at the Varsity Theater.

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Monday, September 14th

In Review: Minnesota Orchestra’s 2015-16 Season Opener

After a thrilling year, Minnesota Orchestra opens their 2015-16 season with a lovely, if tonally-jarring, season opener; enhanced by a thrilling performance by six-time Tony-winner Audra McDonald.

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