Monday, October 27th

The Idiot Box: “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 10

A dip into a fairy-tale scenario turns the penultimate episode of the season into a slightly off affair.

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Monday, October 20th

The Rogue Epicurean: On a Roll
Byredo - Oud Immortel - Roll-On Oil - $78
Another woody fragrance with Patchouli and Papyrus are blended with a hint of smoke. Tobacco leaf and moss adds depth while incense and Rosewood bring an elegance.

Celebrate the changing seasons with woodsy, complex, and fuss free roll-on fragrance oils perfect for the Fall and Winter to come.

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Monday, October 20th

The Idiot Box: “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 9

in this stand-out episode, Clara Oswald becomes the Doctor. This is not a good thing, historically speaking.

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Monday, October 13th

The Idiot Box: “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 8

A glamorous train ride becomes the last hurrah for The Doctor and Clara. Or is it?

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Monday, October 6th

The Idiot Box: “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 7

A crisis on the moon, an ethical dilemma, and Clara finally loses it in this game-changing episode.

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Friday, October 3rd

The Culturator: Cirque du SoGay – Ride Ready
Photo by Joseph P. Sullivan © 2013

In this week’s Culturator, Juleana Enright chats with Cirque du SoGay co-founder, E.G. Nelson about the annual queer-friendly group ride and gets the lowdown on this year’s event, its killer prizes, and its future goals.

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Friday, October 3rd

The Dark Side of Kate Iverson

In an exclusive interview, Susan Woehrle chats with artist and woman about town (and former l’étoile Editor-In-Chief) Kate Iverson about her new exhibit opening this week at SooLocal.

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Monday, September 29th

The Idiot Box: “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 6

The Doctor returns to an iconic place and runs smack into Clara’s double life in this darkly hilarious episode.

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Tuesday, September 23rd

In Review: The 2014 Ivey Awards

The Twin Cities theatre scene gathered for their annual celebration of the season.

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Monday, September 22nd

The Idiot Box: “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 5

It’s an old-school caper as the Doctor has to rob the most secure bank in the universe.

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Monday, September 15th

The Idiot Box: “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 4

A time-twisting chamber piece might just be the best Doctor Who episode of recent vintage.

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Monday, September 8th

The Idiot Box: “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 3

Legends collide as the Doctor comes face to face with the “impossible” Robin Hood

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Wednesday, September 3rd

In Review: “The Mystery Of Irma Vep” at Jungle Theater
Bradley Greenwald as Lady Enid Hillcrest in The Mystery Of Irma Vep at Jungle Theater (Photo Cedit: Michael Daniel)

In this special review, Todd O’Dowd takes in The Jungle Theater’s hilarious remount of Charles Ludlam’s ridiculous masterpiece.

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Tuesday, September 2nd

Le Talk: P.O.S. Is Ruining The World
P.O.S. Photo Credit:

In this special interview, Juleana Enright chats with the iconic Minneapolis hip-hop artist on his return to performing following his kidney transplant, and his upcoming headlining gig at “The F*cking Best Show Ever” on September 13.

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Monday, September 1st

The Idiot Box: “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 2

The Doctor discovers InnerSpace as he goes on a Fantastic Voyage into the head of his greatest enemy. Literally.

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Thursday, August 28th

In Review: Saint Dinette Pop-Up Preview

In a special report, Todd O’Dowd waxes rhapsodic on his love of pop-up restaurants in light of the recent Saint Dinette pop-up preview party.

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Monday, August 25th

The Idiot Box: “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 1

A great new Doctor. An on-point companion. Dear Old Friends. A surprise return villain. All of which are nearly thwarted by an uneven script in this extended series premiere.

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Tuesday, August 19th

In Review: Theatre Coup d’Etat’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Susan Woehrle takes in an outdoor production of the classic Shakespearean comedy at Kelley Park in Apple Valley by award-winning Minneapolis Company Theatre Coup D’etat.

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Monday, August 18th

The Rogue Epicurean: Skirt-ing The Issue

The Rugue Epicurean explores unusual suspects in a search for the best (reasonably priced) cuts of beef for Summer grilling.

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Wednesday, August 6th

In Review: The 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival

In this special omnibus review, Susan Woehrle and Todd O’Dowd share their reviews of what they saw at this year’s edition of the nationally-acclaimed festival, continuing in town through August 10.

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Thursday, July 31st

LOL/OMG On the Fringe: A Look Back

A first-time producer (and writer/performer/director) last year, our own Jakey Emmert looks back on what he will — and won’t — miss about taking part in the Fringe Festival, which kicks off today.

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Wednesday, July 30th

Le Talk: Jeff D. Larson of the Minnesota Fringe Festival

On the eve of the Minnesota Fringe Festival, we talk to its new executive director on his goals for the largest non-juried performance festival in the United States; running July 31 – August 10.

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Monday, July 28th

The Idiot Box: “Let’s Be Careful Out There”

In his column, Todd O’Dowd takes a look at the comedy “Barney Miller” and the drama “Hill Street Blues” and how they made television safe for the modern day show runner.

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Friday, July 25th

The Culturator: Midnight’s Children
Ash Marlene Hane, Rose Sexton, Ryan Wurst - The Midnight Brigade

In this week’s column, Juleana Enright chats with owner/sales and boutique manager Ash Marlene Hane about her co-venture The Midnight Brigade; a new artist run space in South Minneapolis that connects artists while housing a gallery, apparel boutique, screenprinting studio, and cassette tape label – all under one roof.

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Tuesday, July 22nd

The Idiot Box: Of (Talking) Moose and (Prehistoric) Men

Continuing his examination of classic television shows, Todd O’Dowd looks at two animated shows that forever altered primetime television landscape.

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Friday, July 18th

In Review: “Crazyface” At Shadow Horse Theatre

In this special review, Susan Woehrle takes in Shadow Horse Theatre’s compelling production of horror icon Clive Barker’s rarely-produced play.

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Friday, July 11th

A Convention Where Fandoms Converge
photo (3)

A brief overview of CONvergence, the Midwest’s largest sci-fi and fantasy convention, with a photo gallery!

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Thursday, July 10th

The Culturator: Media Hungry
A few goodies from Chicago's Dumpster Tapes Dead Media plans to have on hand.

In anticipation of Friday’s Opening Party for new record-slash-book-slash-poster shop, Dead Media, The Culturator’s Juleana Enright chats with co-owner, Paul Dickinson about the experience locals can get from the new store and the concept of “dead media.”

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Thursday, July 10th

The Idiot Box: And The Nominees Are…

The 2014 Emmy Awards nominees were announced. Herein are our reactions (including who is missing).

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Monday, July 7th

The Idiot Box: In The Name Of The Moon…

In this special report, we look at the importance of the Sailor Moon franchise on fandom and review the debut episode of the rebooted new series.

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