Monday, July 28th

The Idiot Box: “Let’s Be Careful Out There”

In his column, Todd O’Dowd takes a look at the comedy “Barney Miller” and the drama “Hill Street Blues” and how they made television safe for the modern day show runner.

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Friday, July 25th

The Culturator: Midnight’s Children
Ash Marlene Hane, Rose Sexton, Ryan Wurst - The Midnight Brigade

In this week’s column, Juleana Enright chats with owner/sales and boutique manager Ash Marlene Hane about her co-venture The Midnight Brigade; a new artist run space in South Minneapolis that connects artists while housing a gallery, apparel boutique, screenprinting studio, and cassette tape label – all under one roof.

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Tuesday, July 22nd

The Idiot Box: Of (Talking) Moose and (Prehistoric) Men

Continuing his examination of classic television shows, Todd O’Dowd looks at two animated shows that forever altered primetime television landscape.

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Friday, July 18th

In Review: “Crazyface” At Shadow Horse Theatre

In this special review, Susan Woehrle takes in Shadow Horse Theatre’s compelling production of horror icon Clive Barker’s rarely-produced play.

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Friday, July 11th

A Convention Where Fandoms Converge
photo (3)

A brief overview of CONvergence, the Midwest’s largest sci-fi and fantasy convention, with a photo gallery!

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Thursday, July 10th

The Culturator: Media Hungry
A few goodies from Chicago's Dumpster Tapes Dead Media plans to have on hand.

In anticipation of Friday’s Opening Party for new record-slash-book-slash-poster shop, Dead Media, The Culturator’s Juleana Enright chats with co-owner, Paul Dickinson about the experience locals can get from the new store and the concept of “dead media.”

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Thursday, July 10th

The Idiot Box: And The Nominees Are…

The 2014 Emmy Awards nominees were announced. Herein are our reactions (including who is missing).

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Monday, July 7th

The Idiot Box: In The Name Of The Moon…

In this special report, we look at the importance of the Sailor Moon franchise on fandom and review the debut episode of the rebooted new series.

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Monday, July 7th

What’s What: Continuing Art Exhibits

Our guide to continuing Twin Cities art exhibits, as recommended by l’étoile’s staff.

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Thursday, July 3rd

The Culturator: The Thrifting Sensation
doublepeace studio

The Culturator catches up with local fashion blogger, thrifting maven and zine founder, Holly Hilgenberg to chat about her fashionable new project Double Peace Studio, this weekend’s summer vinyl and vintage sale with Yeti Records, the thrill of thrifting and the vintage fashion scene in MPLS.

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Tuesday, June 24th

Tim Navarro Cast In Season 13 of “Project Runway”

The local designer and half of the TIM+THOM label has become the sixth local designer cast on the Emmy-winning reality-TV competition.

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Monday, June 23rd

In Review: “Wits” 50th Episode

In this special tag team review, Anthony Enright and Todd O’Dowd take in the anniversary episode of the hit local public radio show.

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Friday, June 20th

Le Talk: John Moe & The Evolution of “Wits”

In this exclusive interview, we chat with the acclaimed writer and radio personality on his career and the forthcoming 50th show of Wits.

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Tuesday, June 17th

The Idiot Box: Oh, Archie!

As the start of a new series, we will look at some of the most influential television shows of all time. First up, All In The Family and the work of legendary television producer Norman Lear.

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Thursday, June 5th

The Culturator: Heliotrope X – Underground Auditory Bliss
Paul Metzger

In this week’s edition, The Culturator goes inside the Twin Cities’ long-running independent festival of underground and underexposed music, Heliotrope X. We chat with event organizer, Richard Barlow, about this year’s 10th installment and what attendees can expect.

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Friday, May 30th

The Culturator: Girl Mythology – Q&A w/ Girl Germs
Tribute performer: Pink Mink

In anticipation of tonight’s women in rock tribute, the Culturator catches up with Dana and Sally to chat about tonight’s line-up, Girl Germs’ continual evolution, why female artists should be in constant rotation in your playlists.

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Thursday, May 29th

Charles Youel is Cranked for ARTCRANK

We shoot the breeze with ARTCRANK founder and curator Charles Youel about Saturday’s exhibit and party at Shelter Studios, and offer a preview of some of the posters.

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Wednesday, May 28th

The Idiot Box: “Mad Men” Season 7, Episode 7

In the dramatic mid-season finale, history is made, people come and go, heirs are apparent, and one of the best moments of the year happens.

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Wednesday, May 21st

The Culturator: The Many (Painted) Faces of Chantar

The Culturator catches up with Travis Chantar to chat about how he draws inspiration from gender and sexuality themes, design, drag and culture, and what can attendees can expect from Thursday night’s art show, Tribe by Chantar.

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Tuesday, May 20th

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 6 Finale

It’s time to finally crown America’s Next Drag Superstar in the annual overstuffed finale!

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Monday, May 19th

The Idiot Box: “Mad Men” Season 7, Episode 6

In the penultimate episode before the mid-season finale, the iconoclasts of SC&P find family in the most unlikely places.

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Monday, May 19th

The Rogue Epicurean: Who Wears Short Shorts
Zara - Linen Shorts with Braided Belt - $50

Riffing on the recent men’s fashion trend of shorter shorts, the Rogue Epicurean offers an assortment of go-to shorts of a reasonable length to get you through the summer.

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Thursday, May 15th

The Culturator: Art-A-Whirl Survival Guide
(Wish we had a pic of that Jabba the Hut sculpture!) Pudeur Méchante is a sufficient stand-in.

To assist you in not having an Art-A-Whirl-induced aneurism this weekend, we’ve asked three local artists to compile five survival tips from the perspective of AAW artists and a gallery owner.

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Wednesday, May 14th

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 6, Episode 13

It’s the recap episode, which allows Todd to reflect on the best of this season.

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Monday, May 12th

The Idiot Box: “Mad Men” Season 7, Episode 5

The SC&P gang try to put various genies back in their bottles, with unexpected results.

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Monday, May 12th

The Rogue Epicurean: A Friend in Fernet

The Rogue Epicurean suggests you check out Fernet, an intriguing and overlooked liquor, and offers his favorite recipe.

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Thursday, May 8th

The Culturator: Drag ASSets – Q&A w/ the Sparkle Surely

This week, The Culturator chats with local drag experts Bobbi Dazzle and Rugburns about their continued, bonafide drag “werqshop” series, Sparkle Surely, which focuses on helping newcomers discover, explore and/or re-invent their drag persona and werq their natural ASSets.

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Tuesday, May 6th

“12 O’Clock Boys” director Lotfy Nathan talks Baltimore’s dirt bike subsculture
12 O'Clock _1

This weekend, a captivating new documentary about the Baltimore’s often misunderstood dirt bike subculture, “12 O’Clock Boys,” screens at Northeast Minneapolis gallery Public Functionary presented by Greenroom Magazine; we share an exclusive interview with its director, Lotfy Nathan.

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Tuesday, May 6th

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 6, Episode 12

In a slightly underwhelming, heavily producer-influenced episode, we learn the fate of the final four queens is to be a final three.

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Monday, May 5th

Superheroes of Wizard World Comic Con: They’re Just Like Us!

Superheroes aren’t that different than the rest of us, as we learned at Wizard World Comic Con!

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