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Friday, April 18th

Crush with Eyeliner: Sweet Glorious Spring Beauty

Spring still hasn’t totally sprung, but that’s no reason not to embrace makeup hues of peach and pink, light powders, and airy floral fragrances. Beth Hammarlund reports in this hard-hitting spring beauty feature.

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Friday, April 4th

Crush with Eyeliner: The Best Second Chance I’ve Ever Given

Beth Hammarlund shares her favorite lip gloss, that she didn’t fall in love with until the second time around. Stay tuned for her memoir, Lip Gloss and Second Chances.

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Tuesday, January 21st

Crush With Eyeliner: Comfort Food for Your Face

Dry winter skin blues got you down? Beth Hammarlund recommends her favorite moisturizing, comforting, and all-around luxurious cleansers.

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Friday, January 3rd

Crush with Eyeliner: Best Celebrity Beauty 2013
taylor freatured photo

Beth Hammarlund shares her picks for Best Celebrity Beauty of 2013: Taylor Swift and Lupita Nyong’o.

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Monday, December 16th

Crush with Eyeliner: Holiday Party Girl Beauty

Getting ready for a party? Beth Hammarlund shares her favorite seasonal trends to get you into the holiday spirit.

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Friday, November 15th

String Theory: Bindis, Brown Lips, and Buns, Oh My!

The 90s are here to stay, but the beauty trends are still lagging behind the fashion trends. Beth Hammarlund talks the ’90s beauty trends that have a second chance at world domination.

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Friday, October 11th

Crush with Eyeliner: Notes of Autumn
Mona di Orio Les Nombres d’Or Vanille

Beth Hammarlund celebrates the season with seven of her favorite fall fragrances.

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Friday, August 30th

Crush with Eyeliner: Gimme Marc
The Man, The Myth, The Marc

Beth Hammarlund reviews Marc Jacobs Beauty, the designer’s recent foray into the world of makeup. The products are awesome, but the prices are steep. Are they worth it?

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Monday, August 5th

Crush with Eyeliner: My Skin Hates Me

Is your skin freaking out? Beth Hammarlund can relate. In this week’s Crush with Eyeliner: she shares her favorite products for sensitive skin.

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Friday, July 19th

Crush with Eyeliner: The Frizz Factor
Donald Robertson's Portrait of Grace Coddington

If you don’t have the guts to pull off Grace Coddington style-frizz, here are a few tips to smooth and sleekify your summer ‘do.

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Friday, July 12th

Crush With Eyeliner: Budge-free Summer Makeup
MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream, $23 at

This week in Crush with Eyeliner, Beth Hammarlund makes it just a little bit easier to maintain that perfect makeup during a day at the lake.

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Friday, April 26th

Crush With Eyeliner: Holy Grail Concealers
L'Oréal True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer

Beth pays tribute to her all-time favorite concealer and reviews a new concealer that will never be leaving her purse. Ever.

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Friday, April 5th

Crush with Eyeliner: The Sweet Smell of Spring
Philosophy Field of Flowers Peony Blossom

Spring is finally here! Pretty much! In Crush with Eyeliner, Beth Hammarlund shares a few of her favorite springtime fragrances.

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Thursday, April 4th

l’étoile’s Guide to Mad Men Beauty
Goldie Hawn

Resident beauty expert Beth Hammarlund weighs in on the best late-’60s beauty looks to prep you for this weekend’s “Mad Men” premiere party.

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Friday, March 15th

Crush with Eyeliner: Quick and Easy Beauty
a vintage Psssssst! advertisement

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Beth Hammarlund shares her favorite beauty products for ladies on the move.

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Friday, February 1st

Crush with Eyeliner: I Went To Walmart So You Don’t Have To
a promotional image for Flower

Beth Hammarlund checks out Drew Barrymore’s new line of cosmetics for Walmart. She is mildly traumatized by the experience.

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Friday, December 21st

Crush with Eyeliner: Flower Child Goes Corporate
Remember this girl? She likes pretty flowers.

Drew Barrymore and Walmart! A partnership made in…wait, huh? Beth Hammarlund investigates the celeb’s new discount beauty line.

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Monday, December 10th

Crush with Eyeliner: Holidazzle
Anne Hathaway's sparkly french manicure

I love me some cute nails, and even though I’ve left acrylic french manicures back in 1990s Nebraska, I still enjoy fancying up my fingernails for special occasions. Or just when I’m bored. And thanks to Pinterest*, I’m in no danger of running short on inspiration. Wacky nail art is nothing new, but until recently, the really impressive stuff had to be done in a salon. If you’re basically super […]

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Sunday, December 2nd

Crush with Eyeliner: Ultrafab Superstar

Beth Hammarlund highlights the holiday gift of the season for the beauty-obsessed pop art lover – the new Andy Warhol collection by NARS.

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Monday, November 26th

Crush with Eyeliner: Customize Your Face

Prescriptives is back! The discontinued cult favorite is back in an online format, and its iconic customizable foundation, concealer and powder live on! Beth Hammarlund gives thanks.

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Monday, November 12th

Crush with Eyeliner: Awesome Makeup for Cheap Bastards
L'Oreal Magic Smooth Soufflé Blush

Our resident beauty expert Beth Hammarlund returns from a brief medical hiatus with another edition of Crush with Eyeliner, in which she shares some of her new favorite drugstore products.

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Friday, October 19th

String Theory & Crush with Eyeliner: Signature Style

Beth Hammarlund examines the life lived through an intense commitment to a signature style, a la Dita von Teese.

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Monday, October 15th

Crush with Eyeliner: Pretty Hard
Monique Lhuillier

From New York edge to Parisian girlishness, Beth Hammarlund runs down the top beauty trends from the Spring 2013 Fashion Weeks in New York, London and Paris.

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Monday, October 8th

Crush with Eyeliner: Baby, You’re A Star
Boy George

Halloween’s just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop copycatting your favorite pop stars a little early. Take inspiration from Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2013 and bring back the ’80s.

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Friday, September 14th

Crush with Eyeliner: Deep Blue Sea
Beauty at Monique Lhiullier,

Already so over Fall 2012? Beth Hammarlund shares her favorite beauty look from the Spring 2013 runways: mermaid eyes.

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Saturday, September 8th

Crush with Eyeliner: Retro Beauty Is Back. Again.
Katy Perry, image via I Need My Fix

Retro beauty ruled at last night’s MTV VMAs. Beth Hammarlund recounts the event’s biggest beauty trend.

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Friday, August 31st

Crush with Eyeliner: Painted Ladies
Gucci Fall 2012, souce:

Are smoky eyes and vampy lips just too subtle for you? Beth Hammarlund helps you step up your beauty routine with the two freshest trends for fall: the ombré lip and the trompe l’oeil eye.

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Friday, August 24th

Crush with Eyeliner: Put Yo’ Name On It
Lady Gaga Fame

As soon as the lands her record deal, you can bet that Beth Hammarlund will immediately launch a fragrance empire. Until then, she’ll just complain about Jennifer Lopez.

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Friday, August 17th

Crush with Eyeliner: A Mask for Cheapskates

Move over, La Mer. See you later, Sephora. The best facial mask out there is a homemade concoction straight out of your medicine cabinet.

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Friday, August 10th

Crush with Eyeliner: Wet ‘n’ Wild
Synchronized Swimming

This week in Crush with Eyeliner, Beth Hammarlund pays tribute to synchronized swimmers everywhere, and recommends a few of her favorite waterproof products on the way.

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