Tuesday, July 4th

The Fingernail Letters, 6: “Of my life.” The Miracle of Dougie Jones

Why Kyle MacLachlan’s Dougie Jones, an avatar of human innocence, is the most joyful, beautiful character in current American movies, pointing to our sympathetic capabilities as viewers.

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Saturday, June 24th

The Fingernail Letters, 5: “A Lovely Turn of Phrase”
Atomic Bomb

“Between two worlds” from the Fire Walk With Me poem not only pertains to the supernatural and secular, the surface countenance and the internal, but also to the literal and symbolic. Forms burst through the safe space of abstraction.

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Sunday, June 18th

The Fingernail Letters, 4: “There they are, Albert. Faces of Stone.”

What is the relationship between the images in “Twin Peaks: The Return” and the reality they represent?

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Wednesday, June 14th

Fingernail Letters, 3: Through a Glass Box Darkly

“The conclusion of the Glass Box sequence is not a Puritanical horror movie trope of unrestrained sexuality being punished. Rather, the monster is summoned by voyeurism.”

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Monday, June 12th

The Fingernail Letters, 2: “Listen to the sounds.”

“The false-starts, arbitrary incidents, and dead-ends amounting to a hill of beans are less of a conceit than a leitmotif leading to an overarching theme.”

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Thursday, June 8th

Fingernail Letters, 1: A Twin Peaks Blog (Introduction)

Introduction to a summerlong blog about David Lynch and Mark Frost’s return to “Twin Peaks.”

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Wednesday, March 8th

The Idiot Box – “Feud” Season 1, Episode 1

To kick off his coverage of Ryan Murphy’s latest anthology series, Todd O’Dowd breaks down some of the backstory and references in the first episode centering around the legendary feud of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.

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Friday, February 24th

The Kids Are All Right: The High Charms and Low Stakes of “La La Land”
La La Land

A reference in “La La Land” to a little-seen postwar Kurosawa film sheds light on some flaws of this year’s Oscar front-runner; plus a slate of predictions for Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony.

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Friday, October 7th

In Review: Envision Fall 2016

Beth Hammarlund reviews the 13 collections from the Fall 2016 edition of Envision, the Twin Cities’ longest running fashion show.

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Saturday, October 1st

In Review: FGI Fall into Luxury

Beth Hammarlund reviews the FWMN and FGI event “Fall into Luxury,” a boutique runway show featuring looks from Mona Williams, June and more.

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Monday, September 26th

In Review: I AM Inspired

Beth Hammarlund reviews I Am Inspired, an FWMN event featuring clothing from six local boutiques and art from Caitlin Karolczak.

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Friday, September 23rd

In Review: Matryoshka in Japan

Beth Hammarlund reviews designer Danielle Everine’s latest show, “Matryoshka in Japan,” as part of l’étoile’s FWMN coverage.

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Friday, August 12th

In Review: The 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival

As the revered performance festival winds down, Todd O’Dowd picks the 11 most memorable shows of this year’s festival.

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Friday, May 27th

In Review: The Christians

Walking Shadow Theatre Company achieves a theatrical miracle with its area premiere of Lucas Hnath’s modern day morality play.

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Wednesday, May 25th

In Review: The Glass Menagerie

Theatre Coup d’État triumphs with a hauntingly beautiful and viscerally painful production of Tennessee Williams’ iconic play.

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Wednesday, May 25th

The Niles Files: Born Again
The Christians

An overview of Walking Shadow’s stellar production of “The Christians,” at the Mixed Blood Theater, alongside Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “The Book of Mormon,” currently at the Orpheum, which in tandem dig into a contemporary American spiritual crisis.

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Tuesday, May 10th

In Review – “The Shining”

Minnesota Opera ends its 2015-16 season in triumph with the world premiere of the fantastic and terrifying operatic adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic horror novel.

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Thursday, April 21st

BREAKING: Prince Reported Dead at 57

The multi-Grammy winning Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member was found dead at his studio / home this morning.

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Tuesday, April 12th

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8, Episode 6

This week’s challenge saw the remaining seven queens (and a few friends) go Over The Rainbow with a reading-inspired challenge.

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Thursday, April 7th

In Review: A Tale Twice Told

New Epic Theater takes a huge artistic risk with its presentation of “The Normal Heart” and “Coriolanus” in repertory.

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Tuesday, April 5th

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8, Episode 5

The most beloved challenge in the show’s history leads to one of the weakest episodes in the season.

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Tuesday, March 29th

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8, Episode 4

In this special episode, the girls form New Wave singing groups for the entertainment of two musical legends.

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Tuesday, March 22nd

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8, Episode 3

The first acting challenge (with more than questionable material) leads to a surprising result and one of the most inspired runways in the show’s herstory!

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Wednesday, March 16th

In Review: “Tosca”

Minnesota Opera proves it can deliver in the standard operatic repertoire with a thrillingly sung and conducted production of “Tosca.”

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Tuesday, March 15th

The Idiot Box: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8, Episode 2

What happens when one of the best team challenges is paired with one of the worst lip syncs? Let’s find out together!

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Thursday, March 3rd

The Idiot Box: “The Time Has Come…”

In preparation for the return of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” we look at the best Lip Sync For Your Life battles over the past seasons.

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Monday, February 8th

Led by Lizzo, Grrrls Take Over Twin Cities Hip-Hop

In the wake of her sold-out Mainroom headlining debut at First Avenue, Anthony Iverson offers an appreciation to the current queen of the Twin Cities music scene.

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Thursday, January 28th

In Review: “Pericles”

On the winds of a highly-anticipated debut, Guthrie Theater artistic director Joseph Haj makes a stunning debut with his gorgeous and entertaining production of “Pericles.”

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Wednesday, January 6th

BREAKING: Brian Oake to co-host The Current’s Morning Show

In a bit of surprising (to some) news, the long-time radio fixture joins the Current’s Morning Show starting March 7.

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Tuesday, December 29th

A Few Of Our Favorite Things: The Best Of 2015

l’étoile presents its annual list of the best people, events, and things in the Twin Cities this year!

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